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Our Spring Session will begin on Wed, May 1st for K-5th and PreK. We are busy planning a session you and your children will love - we will offer classes in academic enrichment, performing & visual arts, STEM, sports, playtime, & more.

Our trimesters run from Sept-Dec, Jan-Apr, and May-Jun. Classes meet one day per week until 5pm. For our K-5th graders, the cost is $40/day (paid on a session basis), with extended hour available until 6pm at a cost of $10/day (paid on a session basis). 

For our pre-K students, we offer daily after-school coverage until 5pm. Classes cost $50/day (paid on a session basis) plus a $25 registration fee.

See below for more details on our program.



Each afternoon, our pre-K students will have a variety of age-appropriate activities from which to choose. Activities will include group games, blocks/legos, crafts, movement, and story time. The afternoon will be structured much like their school day, where the children can move through different stations of play and exploration so that their bodies and minds will be engaged. Our instructors will be on hand to guide the children, model appropriate behavior, and scaffold their interactions towards building friendships. Weather permitting, the children will get time on the preK playground every day. In inclement weather, we'll have some exciting circle time games filled with movement and energy. Each of our after-school instructors will bring a different emphasis to their afternoons. 


Spring 2024 programming starts Wed, May 1 for our K-5th grade and PreK offerings! 


Download our Spring Catalog and register for classes using the links above. 

Check our calendar for all class dates for the full school year.

Reach out anytime with questions.

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Pre-K programming is offered every FULL DAY that school is in session, without interruption. Programming runs from the end of the school day until 5pm. Per DOH guidelines, there is no Extended Hour available for pre-K students. 

Children will be picked up directly from their teachers at dismissal time and will be escorted to the after-school classroom where we will start each day with a snack and rest time. 

K-5th Grade

We offer an extensive range of activities tailored to elementary school children that will spark your child’s curiosity, interest, and attention. Our students will hone their talents or discover new interests, all while having fun and making friends. With classes in academic enrichment, performing and visual arts, STEM, languages other than English, cooking, sports, playtime, and more, your children will have exciting options to choose from each day. Children are grouped by age, and sometimes by level and ability. Our classes are led by PS116 teachers and outside instructors.

Three sessions of programming are offered every school year. After-School programs can be custom-fit to meet your family's needs. You may register for the program for one day to five days per week in any configuration. Each class meets one day per week. Classes start immediately after school and end at 5pm. We also provide extended hours until 6pm every day. Classes do not meet on half days or holidays. View our calendar here

In between sessions and on all half-days, we offer mini camps where your child will have fun from school dismissal until 5pm (extended hour until 6pm available). Staffed by our instructors, students will have a variety of age-appropriate activities from which to choose.

Classroom teachers will dismiss kindergarten & 1st grade children enrolled in our program directly to 116Kids staff at the end of the school day. 2nd-5th grade students head directly to the cafeteria from their classroom. Attendance is then taken for all classes and a snack is provided. Please remember to let your child's classroom teacher know which days he or she will be attending 116Kids. 

Dismissal for all classes is at 5pm.

There is a supervised Extended Hour, from 5:00 – 6:00, for an additional $10/day, paid on a session basis.

All Students

Dismissal time is strictly enforced. All students will join our Extended Hour if a parent/caregiver has not yet arrived by 5:10pm, and a $15 drop-in fee will be charged. There is a $20 fee for late pick-up between 6:01-6:15. The Late Fee increases to $40 for late pick-up between 6:16-6:30. After 6:30, the Late Fee increases to $50. Subsequent late pick-ups may result in expulsion from our program. Please avoid these fees by always picking up your child on time.

Early Dismissal Policy: If you need to pick up your child early, you must notify 116Kids in advance by email or voicemail. No early pickups can be accommodated before 3:15pm or after 4:45pm, as all staff are preparing for class transitions at those times. Parents will not be permitted to go to the 116Kids room; a staffer will bring your child to you.

Cell Phone Policy: All students enrolled in 116Kids must abide by the school's cell phone policy. Please make sure that your children know that the PS116 cell phone policy applies to all on-site after-school programs. Cell phones should stay in the "off" position and remain in the student's backpack while they are on school premises. If your child needs to reach you during our program, they can let our staff know and staff will be the conduit for all communications. If you would like to view the full PS116 cell phone policy, please visit:

Emergency/Accident Procedures: If your child becomes ill or is hurt while at our program, he/she will be brought immediately to a designated safe area.  For any significant illness or injury, the parent/guardian will be immediately notified by phone. If the parent/guardian cannot be reached, the emergency contact will be called. If no one can be reached, a letter will be sent home in the child’s book bag. For serious medical problems, staff will call 911 immediately. 

Staff are on site every day that are certified in CPR/AED, first aid, and Epi-pen administration. If your child is in need of medication, the parent/guardian will be immediately notified by phone and/or staff will call 911. If your child has allergies and needs medication, either occasionally or frequently, you must notify us at time of enrollment so that we may keep your child safe. 

Please respect our policies as they are in place to keep your children safe.


116Kids strives to maintain an environment where children feel safe. All children should:

  • show respect for others, their space and their property, as well as the space and property of the classrooms in which we hold our classes,

  • cooperate with 116Kids supervisors and instructors,

  • remain at their designated table during snack and while waiting for 116Kids instructors to take them to class, remain with their instructors during classes and until a parent/guardian signs them out at pick-up.

116Kids reserves the right to remove a child from the program for unacceptable behavior. Unacceptable behaviors include: inappropriate or violent physical contact, elopement, disrespecting others and their space, excessive horseplay, failure to comply with directions, and using profanity. 116Kids may report incidents of unacceptable behavior to the parents/guardians of all children involved. If your child becomes disruptive or does something dangerous, it will result in a suspension of the child’s next class. If the behavior continues, it could lead up to dismissal from 116Kids for one or more semesters.

116Kids also strives to maintain an environment where staff feel safe. As such, we have required behavior and conduct for all members of our community. Threatening a staff member or undermining the policies of 116Kids is strictly prohibited and may result in permanent removal from any and all of our programs.

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