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ABOUT 116Kids

116Kids is an after-school program for all students in grades preK-5th grade at PS116 in midtown Manhattan. We provide a fun, safe space of inclusion, respect, and belonging for all of our students. Our staff all have experience with and a love for working with children. Some are teachers at PS116, or studying to become teachers. Others are professional visual artists, actors, musicians, and dancers. With 116Kids, parents can be confident that their children are learning and playing in a space where they are seen, heard, and valued after-school every day that PS116 is in session.

116Kids was founded by PTA Members in 2016. 116Kids is not affiliated with the New York City Department of Education. It is a 501c3 not-for-profit organization that works in partnership with PS116 to provide enrichment opportunities to students every school day from dismissal until 6:00pm. All proceeds from our program directly support the program and PS116. Financial aid is available to families in need.

116Kids is licensed by NYS Department of Health's Office of Children and Family Services. To view the school-aged child care regulations please click here. To contact our leadership, with legal and administrative responsibility for the program, please click here. To reach our OCFS Regional Office, you may contact Michelle Gibson at 125 Worth Court, 9th Floor, Central Office, NY, NY 10013 or 646-632-6312 or

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