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Our students and parents have great things to say about our programming! Hear it straight from them.

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116Kids is an amazing program, and we are so fortunate to have such a thoughtful, well-rounded after-school program available to our kids at PS116. We have been participating for years, and our kids LOVE Ms. Simone, Ms. Roxanne, Ms. Elena and the entire 116Kids team. The program has opened their minds to so many different activities and interests, from cooking and crafts to yoga, sports, coding and more. We've seen both of our children's imaginations and creativity grow tremendously as a result of 116Kids classes, both online and in-person, and are so grateful that they will be able to continue to participate virtually during the school year! 

~Catherine and Mark, parents of Maggie and James


I am a single parent who works full time with an almost 9 year-old daughter and we have been a 116Kids’ family since my daughter started Kindergarten. From the beginning, it has been a wonderful place for my daughter to explore her creativity, meet and interact with kids both younger and older than she, and even have some unstructured fun in extended hour. I can’t say enough about the ease with which we sign up and participate in the program and the variety it offers all on site at PS116. When we went remote in March, the 116Kids team didn’t miss a beat. They began offering remote programming within weeks and developed creative ways for small groups of kids to engage online. We participated in 116Kids’ summer program (as well as some others sponsored by my daughter’s day camp), and it was top notch and I have to say, far superior than other programs. The formula and the things that make it so worthwhile from the spring and summer are rolling into the 2020-2021 school year; easy sign up, packages of materials coming in the mail in advance of the program (no hunting and pecking at home to find what the kids need to participate), clear communication, and creative ideas lead by Ms. Roxanne. I can’t say enough about 116Kids and Simone Levin’s leadership. I don’t know where we would be without it. And if you do join us, be prepared to make some extra shelf space for all the cool things your kids will be creating with 116Kids! ~Ruth, parent of Leni

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